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Maria Matos Teatro Municipal

Viejo, solo y puto

Sergio Boris (Argentina)

28th to 30th November

Evaristo, the elder brother, didn’t finish his course and has worked in the chemist’s since he was a young man. Daniel is the younger brother. He has just graduated as a pharmacist and is separating from Laura. Cláudio, the medical rep, is Sandra’s boyfriend and Evaristo’s friend. He has worked in the chemist’s for 10 years. Sandra, a 23 year old transvestite, is Cláudio’s boyfriend and Yulia’s street daughter. Yulia is a 40 year old transvestite, who has protected Sandra since she moved into transvestism and prostitution.

After more than a decade studying Pharmacy and biochemistry, Daniel arrives at his family’s chemist’s, which has always been run by his father and Evaristo, his elder brother.

Along with Cláudio, the medical rep, and a pair of transvestites that go to the chemist’s to get female hormone injections, Daniel is that night’s guest of honour. And it is on that Saturday night, started with a mixture of drugs and injected hormones, continuing at the Magic nightclub and ending with pizza and warm beer, that love rages furiously.

Performance in Spanish with surtitles in portuguese.

Director Sergio Boris
Cast Patricio Aramburu, Marcelo Ferrari, Darío Guersenzvaig, Federico Liss and David Rubinstein
Assistant director Jorge Eiro
Assistant artistic Adrián Silver
Props assistant Estefanía Bonessa
Props and Set Design Gabriela A. Fernández
Set Design Assistant Estefanía Bonessa
Make up Gabry Romero
Lighting Matías Sendón
Sound Fernando Tur
Photography Brenda Bianco
Graphic Design Brenda Bianco
Communication Simkin & Franco
Production Jorge Eiro and David Rubinstein