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Atelier - Museu Júlio Pomar, EGEAC


Júlio Pomar, Igor Jesus, Nuno de Almeida e Silva and Tiago Alexandre (Portugal)

28th October to February 2018

To get an understanding of the idea behind the Tawapayera exhibition, it is well worth listening to its curator, Alexandre Melo. “My relationship with Júlio Pomar has been formed out of significantly different moments in his work and my life. The interest with which I first saw some of his work is renewed through the clarity with which I remember them at unexpected times. So it was with the Amazonian paintings. When I swam in the River Amazon, I remembered them. When I took part in the Bois Bumba celebrations in Parintins, they became even more important. It is not a question of realism. For artists, and living people in general, energy and life and, if possible, joy are materials for a challenge and a meeting that, in this case, Júlio Pomar, Nuno de Almeida e Silva, Igor Jesus and Tiago Alexandre accepted. Also a meeting between a multitude of artistic practices today, and Latin American cultures and imagination yesterday and tomorrow.”

Curator: Alexandre Melo