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Carpintarias de São Lázaro


Alfredo Jaar (Chile)

20th May to 3rd September

Alfredo Jaar (1956, Santiago, Chile) is an artist renowned for the dense and compelling interventionist nature of his works, some of which have become models of political intervention in contemporary art. This group includes his six year long, The Rwanda Project (1994-2000) on the genocide in Rwanda in 1994; his one-day conference, The Skoghall Konsthall (2000), held at the Stockholm Modern Art Museum; The Cloud (2010) performed on both sides of the Mexican and USA border; and the Geometry of Conscience (2010), a work at the entrance of the Museum of Memory and Human Rights in Santiago, Chile.

Shadows (2014) is a homage to the Dutch photographer, Koen Wessing who, in 1978, in Esteli, Nicaragua, witnessed a group of peasants carrying the body of a man – another peasant – who had been killed by the dictator Somoza’s national guard. Wessing photographed what he saw and followed them to the victim’s home, where he was met with the despair and screams of the murdered man’s daughters, which he also photographed. Based on Wessing’s work, Alfredo Jaar produced Shadows, made up of seven photographs. Shadows is the second part of a trilogy (the first being The Sound of Silence, in 2006) about the power of denunciation images have in relation to the barbarity of dictatorial regimes.

Co-Production with As Carpintarias de São Lázaro